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About Us

West Indies Home Contractors is a company synonymous with home building in Jamaica. WIHCON developed the first large scale housing development in the country with the introduction of Mona Heights built in 1958. The company is known for its innovative designs and developments that cater to home ownership.

The company introduced pre-fabricated homes and developed a proprietary building system geared at constructing large numbers of homes during each production cycle. The result is strong, well built homes that continue to appreciate in value.


In addition to houses, WIHCON has used its expertise to build seventy-five schools, a large number of sewage plants and carried out major road rehabilitation contracts such as Hope Road, Howard Cooke/Alice Eldemire Drive and Michael Manley Boulevard, (Coast Road).


The company has recently tendered, won, and successfully executed major contracting jobs such as Vistaprint, Portmore Country Club II.


Emphasis in development has moved from just building houses in large quantities to developing secure communities, social amenities, esthetically pleasing entrances and contemporarily designed homes. In recent times WIHCON has branched out into the development of townhouse and apartment complexes that are elegant, secure and provide great investment opportunities for those interested in building a real estate portfolio.


Jacaranda Homes is another first with the introduction of the lowest priced two bedroom home on the Jamaican market. Ever mindful of the customers’ needs WIHCON has created a product that is ideal for the family looking for home ownership. The units are designed for expansion and are part of a development that is gated with social amenities and an environment of a great living experience. WIHCON is offering not just a house, but a whole living experience inviting you to “come home to Jacaranda”.

The Jacaranda Tree

The Jacaranda tree is native to tropical America. There are about 50 different species but the most widespread of those species is native to the dryer parts of Argentina and Brazil.

Jacarandas are a popular park tree worldwide. Pretoria, South Africa, is home to so many Jacarandas that it is known as the Jacaranda City. The trees also bloom spectacularly in Mexico, Israel Singapore, India and even amid harsh and dry conditions in Nairobi.

The Jacaranda blooms in late spring to early summer when the trees are covered in masses of purple-blue flowers when form a lovely carpet of flowers when they fall.